November is 22q Awareness Month

Follow these steps in conjunction with #22qAwarenessDays for the month of November.

Step 1:

If you haven’t done so already help us celebrate our 15th Anniversary throughout 2018! Download your frame for your profile picture on Facebook and other social media.

Step 2:

Share our stories

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‘What’s 22q?’ … a phrase we need to stop hearing. We want the world to know how complex a condition this is, how much all around support is sometimes required and how against many obstacles these amazing, beautiful children survive and thrive. Not forgetting the few that are lost far, far too soon. We want the world to know all sides and to recognize the beauty within these individuals.

Share the stories as you see them on your page or feed and encourage your colleagues, family and friends to do the same.

Many thanks on behalf of The International 22q11.2 Foundation and #22qAwarenessDays

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