November is 22q Awareness Month

Change your profile picture today with this twibbon below created by our friends at 22qAwarenessDays

‘What’s 22q?’ …some words we need to stop hearing. We want the world to know how complex a condition this is, how much all round support is sometimes required and how above the often shorten odds these amazing, beautiful children survive and thrive. Not forgetting the few that become angels far, far too soon. We want the world to know all sides and to recognize the beauty within these individuals.

Help us to help you make this one amazing campaign.

Download the twibbon, change your profile photo if you wish and add the twibbon to your twitter and/or facebook profiles.

Share the link on your page and encourage your colleagues, family and friends to adopt the twibbon too…for some or all of the month of November

Many thanks


Raj & Alycia


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