Lindsay Flax

My name is Lindsey Flax and I am a 19-year-old adult who is living with 22q deletion syndrome in Atlanta, GA. It all started in December 1995. Four months after I was born August 12th I was diagnosed with tetralogy of falot. As doctors, they noticed that something was different about my DNA. They decided to do a FISH Test and they discovered I have 22q deletion. Of course my family had no idea what it was and what they were about to get into. However they got to learn and meet other families who have gone through the similar situations while living with 22q.

After a lot of challenges and surgeries for my heart, feet, and throat I have been successfully healthy and living life as a normal young adult. My parents thought it was best to put me in small private schools to get that one on one attention. At first I went to Mill Springs Academy in Milton, Georgia specifically for Learning Disabilities. From being at the school until senior year of high school I really got confidence and got to experience a regular teen life even though I was under a lot of support and at a Learning Disability school. It was an awesome opportunity and a learning experience. Now am currently in Beacon College continuing my education. Beacon is the first college in the south to give Bachelor and Associate degrees to college students. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Studio Arts. My goal is to hopefully help others with self-advocacy and accepting one’s self through art whether they have Special Needs or not. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and volunteering for social change projects. It is a passion and it makes me feel better as a person. It also lets me proud of having 22q.

I enjoy sharing my story like I am with you now. With all the support I have gotten from my amazing parents Robyn and Hugh Flax, teachers, and family on self-advocacy, self-love, and skills to manage my anxiety I realized anyone who has 22q or special needs can be successful. For parents I recommend to keep calm and just to do what you think is best for your child. Do not be afraid to talk to other parents or teens like myself. This summer I plan to work and volunteer at Camp Twin Lakes for Camp Braveheart and then also volunteering at my local JCC in Atlanta (Jewish Community Center). I am also starting up my blog again that is name Teen with a Heart. The blog is for those who are looking for self-confidence advice and also what it is like for a 22q adult in college. It will hopefully be up very soon. I hope to meet any of you guys reading this page soon at an event someplace. I wish the best of luck to everyone.

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