#22q Awareness Days

November is 22q Awareness Month

Please be part of our campaign to share awareness and to stop this relatively common condition from being relatively unknown

‘What’s 22q?’ …some words we need to stop hearing. We want the world to know how complex a condition this is, how much all round support is sometimes required and how above the often shorten odds these amazing, beautiful children survive and thrive. Not forgetting the few that become angels far, far too soon. We want the world to know all sides and to recognize the beauty within these individuals.

Help us to help you make this one amazing campaign.


How can you help?

Send us a photo of yourself if you have any form of 22q or of your child/sibling etc. The photo should be of high quality and a close up ideally of just head and shoulders but more if you wish. Quality of image is very important as we cannot use blurred images or those where there is too much background. We may crop photos too. There should only be a single individual in the image as it’s easier to fit the details for just one person but we will try and accommodate where parent/child/siblings have the condition.

We need some information. We want to share the struggles but we want to SHOUT out the positives! Look at the poster template below for information about what details you need to send us if you’d like to participate. Email the details to us at 22qAwarenessDays@gmail.com

We’ll create the poster and try and share as many as we can in the month of November. If we’re not able to share yours during the campaign, then with your permission we will keep the details and create and post the posters when we can.

Finally, share at least a poster a day for at least 22 days in November. There will be other types of posters too. So watch out!


Raj & Alycia

FB link:https://www.facebook.com/22qAwarenessDays



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