The name “22q at the Zoo” and the 22q at the Zoo logo are trademarks of the International 22q11.2 Foundation (the “Marks”). Once you have officially registered your city and zoo with the Foundation, you will be authorized to use the name of the event and given access to the official 22q at the zoo logo in high resolution graphics. You may use the name and logo on flyers and banners.

Modification of the name or logo, or use of either in any way not previously authorized without the express written consent of the International 22q11.2 Foundation is prohibited. The Foundation will have the right to receive documentation, upon reasonable written request, of your use of the Marks and the goods and/or services provided in connection with the Marks. If you are not using the Marks in accordance with the Foundations instructions or in a way that meets its standards and policies as may be reasonably set from time to time by the Foundation, the Foundation may require you to stop using the Marks.

This policy is in place because it is our intent to make the event stronger by improving the consistency and impact of the branding.

22q at the Zoo Blank Flyer

Below you will find the 22q at the Zoo official flyer. In an effort to best promote your local event we urge you to edit this flyer with your local details and post in hospitals, doctor and therapy offices, local gyms, businesses, coffee shops, schools and more.

Instructions for editing:

1) Download file
2) Open the document
3) Edit with your location details
4) Save
5) Print

We recognize that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to formatting documents. As a result you will find three format options. Please use the format that you feel most comfortable working with and please feel free to edit the language as well.

JPEG Blank Flyer

PDF Blank Flyer




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