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Become a 22q Citizen Journalist

By documenting 22q at the Zoo – Worldwide Awareness Day 2018!

From sunrise in New Zealand until sunset in the Pacific Islands we are raising awareness around the globe by going to the zoo for 22q. Please join us during this unprecedented one-day event as a 22q Citizen Journalist. Post your group and individual photos. Add captions. Show the world our collective smile. Through your pictures and words we will create a digital time capsule of this worldwide event!

How to post pictures of your event

search www.facebook.com/groups/22qAtTheZooWorldwideAwarenessDay/

Create a Photo Album — The best way to post multiple photos to Facebook is to create a photo album, upload multiple photos to that album, and then publish the album. You can start by going through the write update box as if you were going to write an update or post a single photo, click “add photo/video” and then “create photo album.” Next click “select photos to upload,” navigate to the images on your computer’s hard drive. and click the various images you want to upload, by holding down your “command” or “control” key while clicking on each image. Click the “open” or choose button to post them to your photo album once you have all the images selected. Remember to name or your location in your post

imgres twitter.com/22QFoundation

In addition to posting your photos on Facebook, please email or upload your photos to our new DropEvent site:

Photos can be uploaded by going directly to:

dropeventlogo  https://dropevent.com/gallery/22qZoo2018

Photos can also be emailed directly to:

Share this link and address with friends and family so that they can enjoy 22q at the Zoo photos from all around the world!

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