Plan an Event

Plan a 22q at the zoo event, 22k for 22q, or start out small  with school or work campaigns.

22q at the Zoo


Organized and developed by The International 22q11.2 Foundation, 22q at the Zoo is an event that gives families, friends and professionals a chance to socialize, network and raise the public profile of chromosome 22q11.2 syndromes.

Volunteers spread awareness by handing out our 22q fact sheets and educating anyone interested enough to stop and ask about 22q. The event kicks off in New Zealand and continues westward ending in the South Pacific having literally circled the globe. Participants are recognizable, wearing the official “22q at the Zoo” red T-shirt and “Ask me about 22q” buttons. Learn more 

22k for 22q


Do you love to Run, Swim, Bike, Walk, Ski, Hike, Skate or anything else? Take your favorite activity and turn it into a fundraising and awareness event for 22q. It’s easy. Just find an event already established in your community that you would like to join. Simply register for the event and encourage others to do the same. Learn more

Denim Day Event 

WearJeans towork

Wear Jeans to work or school for Denim Day while raising 22q awareness ! Start your campaign here.

School Bag Campaign 


The School Bag Campaign was an idea of a brilliant mother planning a zoo event in 2012. She suggested sending an awareness letter home in every child’s backpack at your local school. This is a very effective and inexpensive way to generate awareness for 22q Syndromes.  We have found that most schools are extremely willing to assist with this campaign.

Below you will find a sample letter. Please feel free to download and alter to make it more personal to your child and your local community. Download the School Bag Letter here.

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