Connor Guillet

Connor was born August 18, 2010. He was left at the NICU in Orlando because he was born addicted to opiates and marijuana. While in the NICU, he was sent for a full genetic screen due to facial features when he cried. We got a phone call on September 16, 2010 and we were asked if we would be interested in adopting him. We looked up 22q and read up on it. He was born with a good heart so without hesitation, we adopted him!

He has gone through every test possible. Thankfully he has not shown any physical limitations other than delayed learning and physical growth. He is currently enrolled in Early Steps and is getting assistance with speech and all developmental skills. Connor has been a miracle to us since, as we needed him as much as he needed us. He loves animals and loves spending time with his boxer, Chowda and his two cats, Tobie and Murphy. He is such a happy boy who has helped complete our lives.

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