Elise Satterfield

I’m Elise and I was diagnosed with Deletion 22q when I was 7 months old. My first 7 months of life were difficult and I ended up being flown into St. Louis Children’s Hospital with two respiratory infections. There, a team of doctors began genetic testing and found that I had Deletion 22q and that I am the first in my family to have it. From that point on I went through a series of specialists and especially the ENT because I have frequent ear infections, ear tubes and hearing aids. I have also had my front four teeth capped, four molars capped and two of my bottom teeth pulled due to decay from asthma medicine and Deletion 22q. I am little yet determined and fearless. My therapists and teachers at daycare think I’m pretty smart for my age and I love a good challenge (child locks, unreachable places, hearing aids). My audiologist gets a kick out of the ways I can take apart hearing aids however I have to thank Mickey Mouse Club House for being my encouragement to wear my hearing aids (nicknamed my ears). I think they made a theme song just for me, “…we have ears, say cheers!” is my favorite part. –

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