Jacob Kipke

Jacob is 11 years old now and rides weekly at the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding. He’s been gaining confidence and steadily learning new skills – learning to trot, reverse the horse, and guide his mount through complex instructions.

Jacob has ridden several of the horses at the center but especially enjoys riding with Dakota and Grizzly. He’s a familiar face at the center and always visits the barn cats before finding his horse.

Jacob loves animals and takes care of his own cat, Butterscotch, while the family dog, Sailor, loyally follows him everywhere.

Jacob was diagnosed with 22q11 deletion syndrome through a fortuitous encounter at his mother’s workplace. Renee – a Registered Nurse – had brought Jacob on an errand to the hospital. A chance encounter with a Genetics Nurse led to an immediate opinion based on symptoms and facial features which was followed up with blood tests to confirm the diagnosis. This was after many (MANY) visits to pediatricians and specialists who were unfamiliar with 22q.11 syndrome and therefore, unable to provide useful direction.

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