Jerrid Farwell

At age 2 1/2 years of age I found myself, an educated early childhood professional, wondering if my son was hitting milestones as he should. Knowing that children take their own time I waited until I felt something was not right. Jerrid’s teeth came in at one-year-old. He crawled at 18 months; he only spoke a few words by age two. Luckily, I was hooked up with an early intervention program in my state and had the best worker. She spotted things in Jerrid that were out of the norm. He wasn’t speaking and had recurring ear infections, asthma, nasality, little effect, and low muscle tone. We were referred to CT. Children’s Medical Center; the speech pathologist asked if I knew what Velocardiofacial Syndrome was. It was that day our lives changed. Jerrid has had many medical and dental visits. He had surgery at three for ear-tubes and at 10 for a pharyngeal-plasty and palette-lengthening. He is affected psychologically, developmentally, and socially. That hardest part of this syndrome is there are very little physical differences compared to other children. This makes my job as a mother and advocate three times as hard. He is a strong and brave boy.

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