Jolie Lagania

When your child is born, all you can hope is that they are healthy and feel secure. Once you put them through blood tests ever few weeks and a spinal tap at just 2 months of age, you start to doubt if you are doing the right thing as a parent. After multiple remarks of hesitation, I doubted my suspicions of Jolie’s ‘condition’ in the first year of her life. Even after two years of looking over test results and cognitive/developmental delays, it still became a shock when the Genetics Specialist gave the results of the second chromosomal analysis. We were told that Jolie had 22q11.2 when she was just 2yrs old. Even though I had an answer to all the questions I had been asking myself about Jolie, I still teared up with the Genetic Specialist as she hugged me. I felt as if I had been searching for Jolie’s deletion all this time, only to find that I hoped it was just me overanalyzing again.

There are many different ways to describe my beautiful daughter; saying that Jolie has something missing is not one of them. Working with many doctors and experiencing the trials that Jolie has gone through has made us both stronger and closer as Mother and Daughter. I thank God for my precious one and we are so proud to be a part of the 22q Family.

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