Lilly Hindmarch

Lilly was born 8.2.2008. We knew before birth that Lilly had 22q11.2DS but not the severity. Lilly is classed as a complete 22q11.2DS (no thymus). Lilly has had 3 heart surgeries (2 open heart), 32 surgeries and medical interventions, and many other procedures. Lilly spent her first 17 and 1/2 months in hospital and has had many admissions since coming home. Lilly had her tracheostomy removed (she has had it in since she came off ventilator) in December last year and has just improved so much. Lilly has physio, speech and occupational therapy weekly. She has astounded doctors with her continual battle against the odds and her bright personality. She may not be able to speak yet but she lets everyone know what she wants…always with a loving cheeky nature.

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