Parker Campbell

Parker was born in Portland, Maine in February of 2005. The first thing everyone said when they saw him was “Wow, he has the tiniest mouth I’ve ever seen!” Parker also had an extra toe and immediately spit and threw up out of his nose. As time goes on he has had cancerous moles removed from his scalp, faces chronic painful constipation, had multiple hernia repairs, has an enlarged aortic root, has problems with his parathyroid, and was/is late in meeting most developmental milestones. The quantity of random symptoms didn’t connect for our local pediatrician. It wasn’t until Parker was 3.5 and still non-verbal that we began to feel really frustrated and concerned. He was finally diagnosed with Velopharyngeal Insufficiency (VPI). In determining treatment for his VPI, we arrived at Children’s Hospital Boston. The oral surgeon immediately recommended that we see their geneticist. After meeting Parker, hearing his story and a blood test, the geneticist quickly diagnosed Parker with 22q11.2. Through the consistent specialist appointments, multiple therapies and so far six surgical procedures, he continues to grow, develop and face challenges every day. Parker loves his cat “Watson Niles Buddy” and dessert! We are thankful for access to information that allows us to prepare for what we may face in the future. We love Parker and pray that his life will be filled with countless happy memories and all the success he deserves.

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