Zachary Miller

Zachary was almost 2 when diagnosed with 22q. He was constantly sick with upper respiratory illnesses and only had one functioning kidney. It wasn’t until he had a seizure that we realized his calcium was dangerously low as a result of a thyroid problem. This turned out to be the red flag that prompted the doctor to test for 22q. Zachary also had a cleft palate making it difficult for him to communicate. When Zachary was 4, he had 2 surgeries to repair the palate and this changed his life. Watching him talk to his peers for the first time after having the repairs and realizing that they could understand his speech…he lit up like a Christmas tree! These days, he is quite the social butterfly.

Zachary is a crack up! He has an amazing sense of humor and a very vibrant personality. He loves to fish, bowl and play baseball. Nothing thrills him more than getting a hit or throwing someone out on the baseball field. During our first trip to the geneticist, we were told Zachary would require his education in a contained classroom setting. They couldn’t have been more wrong. He is an avid reader and just completed the 1st grade at the top of his class! He is an achiever. He is kind and affectionate. He is a friend to everyone and lights up a room with his smile. He has absolutely enriched the lives of many!

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