Zachary Schirmer

My grandson, Zachary who is 12 is featured on the May calendar, (bottom left). He was diagnosed at the age of 1 1/2. I remember that phone call so clearly, my daughter saying, “Mom Zachary has VCFS.” Even though we didn’t know what the outlook would be, there was at least an answer. He has endured two operations, one a tiny hole in his heart and the other a pharyngeal flap.

There’s been a few obstacles along the way, but Zachary forges ahead with his great sense of humor. He’s come a long way with the help of continuing speech therapy and his mother’s endless patience and understanding.

Today, Zachary is a delightful young lad whose outlook on life is happy go lucky. He makes friends wherever he goes, he’s active in boy scouts and is an avid Nascar fan. He enjoys playing different kinds of sports. Zachary also has a pet hampster, he named cocoa. When it comes to video games, watch out, Zachary is a champion.

In the fall, Zachary will be starting middle school, who knows what challenges he’ll be facing. Zachary has a motto “strive to do your best”

I love being Zachary’s nana, he has brought so much joy into my life, an inspiration to others, a smile that warms up a room and a golden heart that can lift you up to the highest peak.

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