New Flash

The International 22q11.2 Foundation is getting a facelift – established in 2003 and acting as the longest serving family organization in North America – our new logo has been thoughtfully crafted to underscore the important partnerships we have cultivated over the past 18 years in bringing families, healthcare providers, and basic scientists together towards achieving our common goals. We put our hearts and souls into helping 22q communities around the globe – and not just during our 22q at the Zoo Worldwide Awareness Day Event – so the heart symbolizes the compassion and love we bring to our mission every single day, while our “q chromosome” highlights our unparalleled relationship with world experts who tirelessly volunteer on our Executive and Medical Advisory Boards.

There’s so much more in store in 2021 —  our logo is just the first step!  Let us know your thoughts!   The International 22q Foundation has been working during the pandemic on several projects, look for updates after our 22q at the ZooM event in May!

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